jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Martian Oasis

After quite a long time without update, here comes a new photomanipulation for future Mars !
Actually, this is one that I made quickly months ago for my recent giant mosaic, but I thought it deserved some improvements and an individual and large presentation here.
The original photo, which is public domain, is of a small village in the mountains of southern Afghanistan.
What we see here is a pressurized tent sheltering an oasis where the future of Mars agriculture is being tested and developed. Some tiny super resilient plants are already able to grow on the surrounding hills, but the atmosphere inside the tent allows a vast variety of farming inspired by the experience of thousands of years on Earth. The tent shelters very few buildings in order to leave as much space as possible to the cultures. That said, the area hides a vast inhabited underground complex. The exterior buildings are just the visible part of this scientific base.
As always, I made this with open-source program GIMP on Linux-Ubuntu.

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