lundi 2 juillet 2012

Mars mosaic 01 - Red Green Blue Mars

This time, no photomanipulation, but  another kind of picture I've been thinking a lot : a mosaic of inspiring pictures, a kind of kaleidoscopic sight !
Then I've searched the web for hundreds of pictures that inspired me the world of the Mars trilogy as described in details by Kim Stanley Robinson. I then cropped them in square shape and built the mosaic.
My idea here is to express the world that is Mars in the book. It's a whole planet, with various landscapes, various cities evolving at the same time, various technologies at work, thousands of human beings living their life there, and the slow creation of a Martian culture. There is the idea of both space and time. This particular mosaic draws the shape of my Mars roundel, one I imagined for this blog years ago. It shows in 3 colors the 3 stages of Mars through its terraforming history : Red, Green, and Blue.

I may produce some more mosaics like that later.
I made this with the free software AndreaMosaic.

There are too many pictures used here to credit them all, and anyway I use them only partly and at a tiny scale, but I am ready to consider authors requests.