samedi 25 janvier 2014

Olympus Mons awakens

Another photo-manipulation that I just made.
This is the famous Olympus Mons seen from orbit as it is erupting gloriously.
To make this picture, I started with a 3D model (on Blender) : with a grayscale height map of the volcano (NASA data) used with the Blender's "displace modifier", I had a realistic setting of the light on this massive geology. I then rendered the lightened 3D model and photo-manipulated it (with Gimp) to add several light effects, the clouds layer and many improved textures (especially the caldera).

All made on Linux-Ubuntu.

Enjoy it in HD on my DeviantArt gallery ! (click twice on the image to see it in full details, especially the caldera)

In KSR's Mars Trilogy, there is no eruption on Mars, but I thought such mystical scene deserved a graphic try ! ;)