lundi 14 mai 2012

The scale of Phobos

This new picture is to be an exception here, as it is not located on Mars ! Since I've started being interested by Mars, I am fascinated by the scale of the planet and its features, and of course, there is Phobos, its largest moon (the other one being Deimos). What better way to give a scale than to compare with actual things on Earth ?
So, here is Phobos standing over my town Grenoble in the Alpes (eastern France). Phobos' dimensions are 26,8 x 18,4 km. If you carefully look at the center of the picture, you'll see 2 helicopters, still quite far from the "big rock".
Here too is a companion picture showing in satellite view how Grenoble and Phobos compare. We can see there that the entire town of Grenoble would easily fit inside Stickney crater, Phobos' largest crater (on the right).

I made this with TheGimp on Linux-Ubuntu. A 5 hours work.

In the Greek Mythology, the twins Phobos and Deimos ("fear" and "dread") were god sons of Ares ("Mars").

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Angela a dit…

I just discovered this site, thanks to your link on the Planetary Society FB page. All I can say is "Wow!" What beautiful work.

Ludo a dit…

Thank you very much Angela. I'm very glad you enjoy my art !

Manchu a dit…

Forcement, ça cause plus coté echelle, avec quelquechose de connu

Plasnisk a dit…

Vaya forma mas tenebrosa de explicarlo

akaz a dit…

Nice work! I also live in Grenoble (Ile Verte). I am into computer programming, so just imagine that there is a language called D, which was formally known as... Mars and his standard library is called... Phobos.

FYI, just see the little discussion that I started there on this topic:

Ludo a dit…

Thank you Akaz for the comment! ;)